StripeCon Sydney16 | 9 November 2016

StripeCon Asia Pacific Event Series

StripeCon is a Community Conference dedicated to the SilverStripe Framework & CMS.

Organised by the Community for the Community.

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StripeCon16 - The Future of Digital Transformation

Join us for the inaugural StripeCon Asia Pacific Conference. This one day event will showcase digital transformation and open source contributions. Two streams of presentations cover both the business perspective and open source development behind successful digital transformation projects. Attendees will get pragmatic insights into successful digital transformation projects and how this is set to change in the future.   

Who should attend:

Digital leaders in public sector: Find out how digital transformation projects can unlock higher efficiencies, increased engagement and transparency.

Digital leaders in commercial enterprises:  Find out how open source innovation and Agile mindsets lead to competitive advantage

Developers: Deep dive into projects, where to find the open source code/modules and how to use it in your own projects. Learn about the future of SilverStripe and SilverStripe 4.


StripeCon is organised in partnership with the great folks at Web Directions, and the Direction16 conference.

The day will end with the chance to attend the Australian premiere of “What Comes Next is The Future”. Presented by Web Directions, the screening is at the Dendy theatre in Newtown Sydney. To attend the Movie Premiere, buy a Silver Ticket for Direction16. Use the code stripecon when registering for a Silver Ticket to receive a $300 discount. Register at and your StripeCon ticket is free!




Wednesday 9th November 2016
Sydney, Australia


Registration opens at 8.30am,

with the conference concluding at 4.45pm



Australian Technology Park

Sydney, Australia

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Our Partners

As a community conference, this event could not happen without the generosity and support of our partners.


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 Registration / Coffee / Morning Tea









9.15am sam



Sam Minnee, CEO & Co-founder, SilverStripe



"The Future of Digital Transformation"

2016 has been the year of Digital Transformation, with everyone and their consulting company jumping on the band-wagon. But what does this shift mean for you, both now and over the next 5 years? Sam will combine practical advice and crystal-ball gazing to help you understand how you can improve digital experiences for your users.









Bene Anderson, Service Delivery Manager, All-of-govt online products & Paul Murray, All-of-govt ICT Capability Manager, NZ Department of Internal Affairs


"Overcoming common challenges facing public sector digital projects"

Paul and Bene manage services that support New Zealand Government organisations to deliver better online experiences. Their presentation will focus on challenges that Government organisations face, and how the Common Web Platform and Open Source are making it easier to meet those challenges.



11.00am  stevie  

Stevie Mayhew, CTO, Little Giant


"Userless Experiences"

A study on the case for looking beyond the experience which is delivered from direct interactions with your application. Engaging users goes beyond the time which they spend in direct view of your assets and can push the boundaries between the digital and physical world. This talk is based on a blog post which appeared on (








Paul Kotz and Wing Ho from Canlab


“Survival Prototyping”

Paul Kotz and Wing Ho from Canlab will talk about how adapting wilderness survival strategies can produce better prototypes to solve problems, using examples built with Silverstripe.










 Darren Sanicki & Moira McKenzie, Sanicki Lawyers


"Legal issues for Creative Businesses in the Digital Age"

Supplying creative and digital services (workshop): This session will provide an introduction to legal issues for those working in new media, design and technology, game development, graphic and web designers and web-based start-ups.














1.30pm  ingo  

Ingo Schommer, Solutions Architect, SilverStripe


"The Future of SilverStripe"

SilverStripe core committer and Solutions Architect Ingo Schommer will bring everybody up to speed with SilverStripe 4 and all the ins and outs of the latest update of our favourite framework.









Guy Watson and Michael Caurana from Internetrix


"Lessons from a multi-region SilverStripe deployment. Getting SilverStripe to work in the China context"

Key lessons from a multi-region synchronised SilverStripe deployment. How to get SilverStripe to work in China.




2.30pm  stuart  

Stuart Gonsal, Director, Wolf Interactive


"Designing a multisite UX and UI experience using SilverStripe"

Stuart will be presenting the Ian Potter project case study, which involved the development of 4 websites working off a SilverStripe multi-site setup. The presentation will look at the project requirements, in terms of desired project outcomes and Wolf's vision for a beautiful UX and UI design experience. We will explore how the project was executed and how SilverStripe influenced and supported this vision. And crucially, what statistical outcomes have been achieved as a result of the project delivery.








 Afternoon Tea




3.30pm  simon  

Simon Erkelens, Developer, SilverStripe


"How Digital Transformation transforms your work as developer"
It's about how development of web services and websites nowadays have become more and more an integral part of our lives, and how developers have to deal with that. Both from an end-user experience, user friendliness and usability, as well as the security issues that they need to be aware of.





4.00pm  colin  

Colin Westacott, Director of Strategic Partnerships from Ephox


"The New TinyMCE and Ephox Cognitive"
The new version of TinyMCE for SilverStripe offers an advanced editing environment with many new features.  Additionally, Ephox Cognitive combines the power of the world's most advanced editor with the power of cognitive computing. Ephox Cognitive will significantly help content creators and authors to easily build complete, accurate and current content by presenting them in real time with relevant and in context content that already exists either from internal or external sources - textual or rich media. Users will have automatic access to a huge store of content and will  be able to copy, reference or drag and drop exisiting text and video into their new content really easily.







Lightning talks - show and tell what you've built





 Close/wrap up





 Free time




 What comes next is the future - Movie premier(Requires Direction16 Silver Ticket or above)





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